Youth organisations are some of the most influential entities in Australia. Discover the role they play in improving youth safety.

Why young people join youth organisations

From personal development and improving leadership skills to making friends and coming together for a common cause, a youth organisation can help instil a sense of acceptance and belonging that young people look for.

These organisations are a great way for young people to find where they belong in the world and how their actions impact those around them. While many young people join youth organisations with a specific reason in mind, once they join, they find that there’s much more they can learn when they meet others from different backgrounds and lifestyles.

Why Young People Value Youth Organisations

  • 81% believe that organisations for youth can help them improve skills that they can’t learn elsewhere.
  • 89% stated that being a part of a youth organisation or community helps them build self-esteem.
  • 75% of respondents said that they wanted to get involved to give something back to the community.

The Role Youth Organisations Play In Youth Safety

Youth organisations are open to young people from any background, lifestyle, ethnicity, and more. This means that they provide a safe and inclusive environment where positive youth development is promoted.

Youth Development

Getting a Drivers Licence

Positive Youth Development

What are the steps to getting a NSW driver licence? Here’s what you need to know, from getting your learner licence to a full licence.

Youth are going through challenging times where they’re constantly in conflict with their parents and sometimes feel that their feelings aren’t understood. This is where these organisations play a pivotal role in helping young people find their place in the world, develop new skills, and build esteem and confidence—all attributes that help them become responsible and confident.

Road user Handbook

Encourage Diversity & Inclusion

The Road User Handbook covers the main road rules and requirements for driving on NSW roads..

Today diversity is all around us and young people are more exposed to these differences than previous generations. They’re also heading into a world where there’s diversity at universities and workplaces. Making sure that they have the tools to interact with everyone in a respectful way, learn from each other, and build meaningful relationships can prepare them for the future.

Encourage Diversity
Reduce Risky Behaviou

Road Rules

Reduce Risky Behaviour

Whether you’re a new driver, in the process of upgrading your licence, or just driving through while temporarily visiting NSW, being familiar with the rules of the road is essential.

Young people are always trying to fit in and can sometimes get lost in peer pressure, whether it’s drug use or violence. These organisations take on the responsibility of ensuring that young people are aware of risky behaviours, their consequences and the positive alternatives that they can turn to. They also help youth understand their right to say—and accept—‘no’.

Driver Knowledge Test (DKT)

Building A Sense Of Community

The DKT is the first stage in the licensing process. You must pass the DKT to get your learner driver licence.

The goal of any organisation that focuses on young people is to give them a sense of belonging and community and to help them forge healthy relationships with their families, volunteers, and staff. Having positive social experiences is critical to the development process and it is a vital role that these organisations take on, helping young people integrate into society.

Sense Of Community

Work With YouthSafe To Improve The Safety Of Young People

At YouthSafe, we’re on a mission to make sure that every young person has the tools to lead happy and fulfilling lives—safely.

To make this happen, we focus on the four settings in which young people are most likely to be injured; while using roads, at work, playing sports, and socialising with friends. We offer a range of youth safety programs and resources to make sure that youth are safe in these settings.


What are some of the behavioural benefits that organisations for youth can offer young people?

Being part of a diverse community helps them develop important personal and interpersonal skills that become valuable as they begin to integrate into society and the workforce. Additionally, they can help young people gain self-esteem and reduce risky behaviours such as using drugs and alcohol.

Do these organisations offer programs to people other than young people?

Yes. Offering programs to parents, supervisors, businesses and community organisations is part of a holistic approach that many organisations for youth follow because they understand the importance of ensuring that young people along with those around them are responsible for shaping behaviours and attitudes.

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