Who Do We
Work With?

Who Do We
Work With?

Who Do We
Work With?

Corresponding target audience

The Facts

Parents continue to exert a positive impact on their kids during adolescence, promoting academic development and life satisfaction (Balsa 2016)

The influence parents can have on the attitudes, behaviour and safety of young drivers is profound and enduring (Rasch 2018)

Positive role modelling by parents will continue to have an enormous influence on their children’s ability to develop and sustain safe driving practices and attitudes (Rasch 2018)

Whether or not a young person will start drinking and how they drink, is heavily influenced by parental approval and modelling (Livingstone 2014)

Almost one-quarter of people aged 12+ were supplied their first glass by their parent (AIHW 2014)

How we work with young people

Parents may typically feel that they lose influence over their children during their teenage years. While the influences on teenagers clearly alter as they age – peer influence becoming increasingly important – parents remain a source of key influence. Youthsafe’s programs and resources for parents provide facts, insights, tips and strategies to promote their importance as influencers, particularly in relation to helping their children more effectively identify and manage risk and prevent serious injury.

Youthsafe’s Steering Young Drivers workshop brings parents and their pre-learner or learner drivers together at an exciting but at times daunting time in the life of a family. It is an opportunity to learn more about the requirements of the Graduated Licensing Scheme, the latest on road rules and a host of practical tips about building a respectful teaching-learning partnership that works for both parties.

Ls to Ps: Teaching Aussie Teens to Drive eBook is a free, user friendly guide on all aspects of teaching your young person to drive safely. Written by an expert who has supported parents and their kids to take on the challenges of learning to drive it provides advice relevant to all states and territories.

The Young Driver page brings together every up-to-date link you will need to learn more about the requirements of the NSW Graduated Licensing Scheme, plus a few great resources you may not know of.

Youthsafe’s tips for managing teens in relation to home partying and going out stresses the importance of thoughtful planning to optimise the safety of young people.

Steering Young Drivers workshop for long-term road safety

Ls to Ps eBook: explaining the how, what and why of learning to drive

Young Driver page – the Graduated Licensing Scheme checklist.

Managing social injury risks – for home partying and going out

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