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Ls to Ps: Teaching Aussie Teens to Drive eBook: a practical guide to teen safe driving

“… parents need all the help they can get because, clearly, not all make effective driving supervisors. They need additional support, especially during the learner period…”(Rasch 2020)

While parents may be experienced drivers, they are not necessarily confident and effective teachers: especially given that the early months of teaching a young person to drive can be stressful. It is a time in which both teacher and learner may experience rising tensions when attempting to work together to confront the new challenge of developing teen safe driving skills.

The clearly written, practical advice of Youthsafe’s eBook can be a great help to parents and learners alike: containing useful advice about teaching the more challenging aspects of manoeuvring a car - like hill starts, parallel parking, three-point turns etc - as well as useful tips for establishing and maintaining a great ‘working’ relationship for effective teaching and learning.

The best “How to” guide for parents teaching their kids how to drive. This book should be required reading for supervising drivers.
Mark Stuart,
Sutherland Shire Council Road Safety Officer & U-Turn the Wheel Coordinator


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