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Volunteer Learner Driver Mentor (LDMP) Training

Mentoring is a valuable component of any good safety program that reinforces a good safety culture. (Johnson 2020)

Youthsafe provides face-to-face training for groups of volunteer driver mentors or online training that can be undertaken by mentors at their own convenience.

Our fee-based, full-day face-to-face training for groups of up to 15 volunteer mentors can be run in any part of the state as an interactive workshop that

  • overviews of Learner Driver Mentor Programs (LDMPs).
  • explains the importance of the Graduated Licensing Scheme. 
  • summarises critical issues regarding young people and road safety, including young people's ability to assess and manage risk.
  • explores the role of mentors/supervising drivers as well as tips on effective communication and what to do if things go wrong, diffusing stressful situations.
  • outlines the most common provisional driver crash types to demonstrate the types of skills that are needed in the learner driver.
  • shows how to use and fill out the Learner Driver Log Book/App and
  • responds to any unique program challenges.

Workshop participants also receive a copy of Youthsafe’s Learner Driver Mentor Program Development Guide.

This is what workshop participants have had to say about Youthsafe’s face-to-face training:


Excellent coverage, well-presented.


…a superb workshop, faultless in content and process.

Youthsafe’s LDMP free award-winning online training course consists of six units which relate to:

  • the Graduated Licensing Scheme
  • Young People and Risk
  • Mentoring: what is it?
  • Effective Communication
  • Safer Driving Behaviours - The Driving Test
  • The Learner Log Book.

Each unit is followed by a short test which must be successfully completed before a user can progress to the next unit.

Users engage in the online training at times most convenient to them and users, when all six units have been completed, receive a Certificate of Completion.

The course is ideal for not only those new to being a volunteer learner driver mentor but also those who want to brush up on the learner diver mentoring space and effective mentoring practices.

The course was awarded the Australian Road Safety Foundation’s 2022 road safety innovation award in 2022.

This is what online users have had to say about the program:

I thought this was an excellent way of delivering the information required to become a positive mentor
Great course, improved my training ability!

If you would like more information, please call our Education Coordinator on (02) 9817 7847, or email or fill in the enquiry form below:


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