About Us

We all want young people to live happy, fulfilled and exciting lives free from serious injury. Unfortunately, young people, particularly those in the 15 to 25 year age group, are at great risk of being hurt or of dying as a result of unintentional injury.

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Youthsafe understands the way young people think and the unique characteristics that can increase their injury risk. Youthsafe’s skilled team of health and education professionals work across a number of different settings to create innovative, evidence-based solutions and initiatives to address youth safety.

Youthsafe has been an expert in youth safety since 1982. Born of the passionate commitment of Associate Professor John Yeo – a well-known spinal cord injury specialist – Youthsafe has developed services for those involved with young people in work, road, social & sport/recreational settings to keep them safe and on track for over 30 years.

Youthsafe’s commitment to quality has been recognised by multiple awards across all service areas for innovative, results-focused solutions for improved safety. All Youthsafe profits are reinvested into our community programs to further secure the safety of all young people.

What we do

Youthsafe partners with government, schools, business and community organisations to prevent unintentional injury of young Australians.

We focus on the four settings in which young people are most likely to be injured: on the road, at work, while playing sport, and when out socialising with friends.

A leader in the field of
youth safety

Youthsafe understands the key factors that contribute to injury risk in young people as well as how to address these risks through the latest developments in youth safety.

An interpreter of research and best practice

Our team is experienced in working out how to tailor research and innovations to meet the needs of a wide variety of professional contexts.

A capacity builder

Our professional development sessions, educational activities, best practice guides and support services assist those working on the ground to implement practical and relevant safety initiatives.

National focus

We can tailor programs to your jurisdiction and come to you.