Employers, Managers & Supervisors

Young workers bring great energy and enthusiasm to the workplace. However, they can also bring specific challenges. Youthsafe works with businesses to tackle their specific young worker issues and deliver improved safety performances.

Workshops for Employers and Supervisors

Book Youthsafe to run sessions for managers and supervisors of young workers to help them understand young workers and how to apply this knowledge to improve safety.

Workshops for young workers

Youthsafe can help you with interactive and engaging sessions for new young workers or apprentices / trainees on Communicating Effectively, Risk Taking or Stress, among others.

Custom Solutions

A tailored approach to safety for young workers, specific to your business. A fit-for-purpose package consisting of up to four components:

  1. Diagnostic analysis 
  2. Program design
  3. Program delivery 
  4. Follow-up and refresher