Young Drivers Accidents Stats

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Young people are more likely to be killed or injured on the roads than in any other setting.

That is why Youthsafe not only focuses on the safety of young people on the roads, but endeavours to incorporate road safety elements into many aspects of our work.
Youthsafe works collaboratively with Government, community groups and others to develop innovative road safety initiatives to address youth road safety.

Statistics of Young Drivers Accidents

Youthsafe: Actively Working to Reduce Statistics of Young Drivers Accidents

Youthsafe rejects the concept of young drivers’ accidents. While road deaths and serious injuries of young drivers are far higher than those of any other age group, young drivers so-called accidents are largely preventable. Crashes – what most people call “accidents” – are a result of manageable behaviours like speed, distraction, fatigue and/or alcohol and/or drug use.This particularly impacts on young men who are prone to struggle with identifying and responsibly managing road use risk and tend to overestimate their driving capabilities.
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What You Can Expect from Youthsafe Regarding “Car Accident Statistics” in Australia

While learning to drive is the safest time in a driver’s life – regardless of age – the period immediately following the attainment of the provisional licence is the most dangerous. While the youthful enthusiasm for solo driving is understandable, more needs to be done to properly prepare our young drivers for the responsibilities of driving without an experienced supervising driver. We can all contribute to helping our children safely transition from the supervised learner stage to the solo driving realities that come with a provisional licence. Youthsafe has been actively working with communities, driving instructors, parents and young drivers themselves to better support this transition to reduce youth-related road accident statistics in NSW.

  • Youthsafe offers Learner Driver Mentoring Program (LDMP) training and overall support for LDMPs. We train volunteer mentors to focus specifically on road and driver safety as well as the technical skills of operating a vehicle. We won an Australian Road Safety Community award for our work in promoting road safety in learner driver mentorship programs.
  • We aim to help parents and young people successfully navigate through the learner and provisional licence period with our Steering Young Drivers Program which imparts practical tips on how to work effectively together to better develop low risk driving behaviours and actively contribute to improving road safety culture.
  • We have published a practical handbook to assist both parents and aspiring young drivers through the learning and provisional licence period. The book aims to help instil responsible driving behaviour at the earliest stage of driving. It encourages parents to hold a ‘round table discussion’ with their young learner or pre-learner to align expectations from the outset of the on-road learning process. The book, in addition to helping to build effective partnerships, offers many practical tips on planning practice drives, teaching three-point turns and other driving skills; finding and engaging the right driving school, and much more.

Related Services We offer to Teenage Road Accident Statistics in Australia

In addition to addressing the worrying young drivers speeding statistics, Youthsafe has been at the forefront of youth injury protection for almost 40 years. It is not only so-called road accidents that impact those in the 15-to 25-year-old age range. Young people are at greater risk of unintentional death and injury than any other age group in Australia in relation to workplaces, sport and socialising.

  • We have a range of programs dealing with youth safety which offer insights and strategies to minimise unintentional injuries.
  • We run sports and workplace training for people who deal with young people. Training sports coaches to understand and effectively deal with issues facing young people, particularly teenagers. Workplace supervisors and managers are offered insights and strategies to influence the behaviours of young workers to enhance workplace safety culture and reduce workplace injuries and near misses of young workers. We teach practical skills on ways to exert a positive influence with young workers.

About Youthsafe

Youthsafe is a leading charity organisation that addresses risk and injury of young people aged 12 to 25. Contact us today for more information.