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Young workers bring great energy and enthusiasm to the workplace.
however, they can also bring about specific challenges.

Youthsafe works with businesses to tackle their specific young worker issues and deliver improved safety performances.

Custom Solutions

A tailored approach to safety for young workers, specific to your business. A fit-for-purpose package consisting of up to four components:

  1. Diagnostic analysis – May include audit, survey and/or focus groups to generate primary data. Involves understanding business and operations, young workers and their supervisors, as well as safety needs.
  2. Program design – Based on the diagnostic analysis report, a tailored strategy is designed to target specific risk areas. Interventions may include training for supervisors and/or young workers, policy review, peer support, mentoring programs and in some cases, broader wellness strategies.
  3. Program delivery – Agreed program components are delivered in-house by trained expert staff.
  4. Follow-up and refresher – To build a robust and sustainable safety program it is recommended that a review/refresher be conducted 12 months after initial program delivery.


Ready-made solutions

Choose from a suite of training modules covering the major young worker safety concerns. Mix and match to suit your business needs.

Supervisor training
Helps supervisors better understand young people, their strengths and weaknesses, and how to apply this to improve safety.
Choose 3 modules to best suit your workforce and business needs:

  • Communicating effectively with young people (includes consulting, induction, demonstrating and disciplinary action)
  • Creating a safety culture
  • Improving young workers' decision making and planning skills
  • Understanding young worker stress & mental health issues, including drugs and alcohol
  • Risk taking in young workers
  • Managing inexperience (the desire to impress, physical immaturity and physiology of young people)

Additional modules can be covered.


Young worker training
An interactive and engaging session designed specifically for young people.
Choose 3 modules to best suit your young workers and their safety needs:

  • Road safety
  • Alcohol and other drugs
  • Risk taking and risk management
  • Stress and mental health
  • Rights and expectations
  • Communicating effectively in the workplace

To see some case studies of previous Youthsafe initiatives, please click here.

For more information about young worker safety solutions contact Youthsafe on Ph: 02 9817 7847 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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