Youthsafe's long history is embedded in the programs it runs in schools and for other community groups.

As the Spinesafe Awareness & Prevention Program, Youthsafe organised sessions run by wheelchair presenters who spoke about spinal cord injury prevention through their own personal experience of injury. The program has now evolved into a suite of dynamic, facilitated, sessions based on research and best practice that support NSW PDHPE Curriculum and Pastoral Care programs.

Our work in road safety, workplace safety and sport and recreation safety supplement the costs of these sessions, allowing us to offer them at a rate affordable to schools and community groups.


sessions for young people

Youthsafe offers engaging and interactive, small group sessions (40-60 mins). All sessions are ideal for class-sized groups, and are facilitated by Youthsafe presenters with extensive knowledge about young people and injury prevention education. The sessions are specifically developed through evidence based research & support Stages 4, 5 & 6 of the NSW PDHPE curriculum including crossroads, personal development & welfare programs.


Everyday risk
Everyday risk
is a facilitated discussion involving students in exploring the concept of risk, related consequences and strategies for making safer choices.
Suitable for years 6, 7 and 8 (ages 11 to 14).  Aimed at young people starting to travel to school alone, adolescents with growing levels of independence.

Each student will receive a free parent fact sheet to take home.




Are we there yet?
Are we there yet? is an interactive road safety session that explores the challenges new drivers may face, the responsibilities of being a passenger and provides low risk driving strategies.
Suitable for years 9 to 12 (ages 15-19+).  Ideal for pre-drivers, learner drivers, novice drivers and passengers of novice drivers.

Each student will receive free road safety postcards to take home.




What's the plan?
What's the plan? is an interactive session for young people exploring injury risks associated with young people's social activities and provides strategies to help manage these risks no matter how big or small the event.
Designed for years 10 to 12 (ages 15-19+) and can be tailored for slightly younger or older participants.

Suitable for young people starting to go out, schoolies or formal time.

Each student will receive free safer socialising postcards to take home.



IWOIn working order
This is a session for young people to help them understand their workplace rights & responsibilities, improve  their communication & negotiation skills in a work environment and explore ways to stay safe in the workplace.  In Working Order supports Stage 6 "Work & the Community Life Skills", VET Students & students on work experience.
Suitable for years 10 to 12 (ages 15 - 19+). 

Each student will receive a free parent fact sheet to take home.



Book now and you will receive corresponding resources for each student free of charge!

If you would like more information or to book a session, please call our Education Coordinator on (02) 9817 7847 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Sessions to support teachers & community professionals

Youthsafe runs a number of different professional development sessions or workshops for teachers and others in the community working with young people to help them understand issues that impact on young people's health, safety and wellbeing. Sessions include:

• Adolescent brain development and risk taking
• Consulting with young people
• Learner Drivers and road safety


Sessions for Parents

Parents often ask for support in how to manage particular risk-taking behaviours in their young people. Youthsafe offers a number of different sessions that can be run with schools or community groups, specifically aimed at parents of adolescents. Sessions include:

• Safer socialising
• Supporting young drivers
• On the way to high school



To enquire about any of the sesions above, please contact Youthsafe:
Phone: (02) 9817 7847
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We are flexible and can arrange multiple bookings or concurrent sessions.

All our sessions are available throughout the Sydney metropolitan area. Packages can be developed for regions outside Sydney including The Blue Mountains, Central Coast and Illawarra regions.

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