Steering Young Drivers – Road Safety Session

Recent changes to the structure of and the laws supporting the licensing system for novice drivers means parents
and their teenagers are looking for support to navigate their way through the learner and provisional licence stages.
Parents of learner drivers are looking to make the most out of their on-road supervised driving sessions, particularly
as the upcoming holidays are a very popular time to go out on the road. Those young people already with their
licence will no doubt be spending a lot more time in the car heading out with friends – which can increase their risk
of injury.
Youthsafe’s Steering Young Drivers session aims to offer practical safety tips and useful strategies for parents and their teenagers to navigate this exciting but at times daunting phase.

Audience Young drivers and their parents*
Where At your school, on an evening convenient to your school community
What Information session on practical safety tips for parents and young drivers
Duration 60 minutes (including time for Q&A)
• Introductions
• Relevant statistics and facts
• How can we build low risk driving behaviours in young drivers?
• Conclusion and commitments
After the session, families will have access to further resources including:
• Tips for L and P drivers
• Youthsafe’s e-book Teaching Aussie Teens to Drive
• Youthsafe infographic fact sheets supporting young drivers and their parents

*Note: Young drivers and their parents includes young people thinking about getting their licence, those on their learners, P1 and P2 drivers and parents includes any relevant adult supervising driver.
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