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A unique and practical handbook for mums, dads or any supervising driver, to guide you through what can be a stressful time.
Concerns parents tell us about the challenges of teaching young drivers…
Being up to date – a lot has changed since I learnt to drive
Being calm enough to be a help… knowing how to do it – teaching is a lot different to doing
Helping them overcome their initial fears then their frustrations (and ours) at learning the more difficult skills
The over confidence of my child
Here’s what Road Safety experts say about From Ls to Ps: Teaching Aussie Teens to Drive:
Anthony Cope
The NSW Driver Trainers Association
Driving Instructor and President
Teaching Aussie Teens to Drive is a great resource for those parents undertaking the important role of teaching a young person to drive.
This book is a must for all supervisors of learner drivers.
Maria Leotta
Ku-Ring-Gai Council
Road Safety Officer
Youthsafe have finally filled the gap with this purposeful E-book. I would highly recommend every supervisor read Teaching Aussie Teens to Drive; it will help make the process less daunting and more enjoyable!
Mark Stuart
Sutherland Shire Council
Road Safety Officer & U-Turn the Wheel Coordinator
The best “How to” guide for parents teaching their kids how to drive.
This book should be required reading for supervising drivers.
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Key topics include:
1. How to hold a “roundtable discussion”
2. Building effective partnerships
3. Planning practice drives
4. Teaching 3 point turns, parking, merging & many more driving skills
5. How to engage a driving school that’s right for you
6. Preparing for The Driving Test
7. They are on their Ps – now what?

Supervising a Learner Driver

All You Need to Know About Supervising a Learner Driver

Whether you’re a parent, aunt, uncle, or an older sibling, helping a learner driver go from Ls to Ps requires an investment of time, patience and understanding. Supervising a learner driver is about more than just getting into the passenger seat and telling them what to do. Think back to when you were a learner and remember how nervous you were behind the wheel. At Youthsafe, we have created a useful how-to ebook for you to purchase, offering advice for the learner and the supervisor. The supervisor will learn practical ways to develop an effective mentoring relationship with their young learner and how to support them after they pass their driving test. The young learner driver is offered all the basic technical assistance needed to pass their driving test.

What You Should Know About Safe Driver Training

Research has shown that when a learner driver is taught by someone who is mindful of safe driver training, they are more likely to apply these principles throughout their driving life. As an instructor or supervisor, it’s up to you to dissuade the learner from developing unsafe driving habits: habits that will not only frustrate their attempts to get their driver’s licence but represent behaviours that will contribute to the likelihood of on-road crashes and accidents.

  • Start practising early. The best way to ensure you get your P driver’s licence is to practise as often as possible and, as you gain experience, practise drive at varying times of the day and night, on different roads and in changing weather conditions. Slowly expose yourself to different situations and driving challenges. The more you practise the more confident and capable you’ll become.
  • Teach them about the mirrors. As a supervising driver, you should teach the learner why their mirrors are important and how to adjust them according to their height and seat position.
  • Learn about the dashboard controls and monitors. All modern vehicles come with various controls, from windscreen wipers to headlights; learners should familiarise themselves with the functions of operating a car.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of the Ebook on Safe Driver Training

Before you take a learner driver out on the road, you should take the time to read through ebooks on safe driver training to prepare not only yourself but the learner about what to expect from their first time out in traffic.

  • Purchase the ebook. Before you decide to apply for your learner’s licence, it would be helpful to purchase the ebook to prepare for learning challenges and, ultimately, the driving test.
  • Study carefully. Once you’ve downloaded the ebook, study it carefully. Reflect on the key principles of safe driving and tips for building an effective supervisor-learner relationship.
  • Bring it along. Ask your supervising driver to bring the downloaded ebook with them while you practise, ensuring you are doing everything as recommended.

About Youthsafe

Youthsafe is Australia’s only award winning charitable organisation that focuses on the prevention of unintentional injury risk of people between 12 and 25. For almost four decades, we have partnered with a range of stakeholders to mitigate the risk of ‘accidental’ injuries to young people. As an organisation, we are informed by the evidence relating to the attitudes and behaviours of young people and those who influence them and how they can increase or decrease injury risk and death. As a result, we have devised programs and strategies that assist not only younger people themselves but their parents, teachers and the other key adult influencers in their lives to better manage injury risks.

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