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OnTarget is an online, goal setting application to assist apprentices and trainees to set and achieve future goals.

Youthsafe, in partnership with Group Training Association NSW & ACT, and with funding support from the Australian Government, is offering Group Training Organisations (GTOs) in NSW access to the new OnTarget initiative. Created specifically to support apprentices and trainees, OnTarget is an innovative and fresh approach designed to address the negative impact alcohol can have on their work, study and lifestyle.

Developed after extensive consultations with GTOs, in NSW, and supported by the most up-to-date research on the effectiveness of strengths-based programs in reducing alcohol use in young people, this approach uses 'goal setting' as the key to address alcohol use and its effect on the many aspects of a young person's life. Goal setting is used to assist young workers to focus on their apprenticeships/traineeships and other future goals, while having the ability to identify and avoid distractions that act as barriers to young workers achieving these goals i.e. alcohol.

The initiative includes an online goal setting application and support resources such as a paper-based goal setting tool and fact sheets for apprentices/trainees, host employers and families offering tips and strategies for the management of alcohol use on their young workers.


Apprentices/trainees create their own online profiles and, with the help of their Field Officer, have the opportunity to individualise their goals or select goals from three categories: 'Work', 'Lifestyle' and 'Education'. They can then select relevant strategies and actions they will undertake in order to work towards achieving their goals.

OnTarget not only allows the monitoring of goal achievement, but also provides email or push notifications to help motivate the young person to stay on track. The application includes humorous 'Tales from the Field' videos and entertaining 'Off Target' animations, both designed to offer inspiration to overcome obstacles and to alert users to potential distractions, while providing useful strategies for behavioural change.

All Group Training Organisations in NSW have access to the new OnTarget initiative. If you are interested in finding out more about the OnTarget initiative or how to access the 'OnTarget online goal setting application' please contact Youthsafe on (02) 9817 7847 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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