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Young people are more likely to be killed or injured on the roads than in any other setting.

That is why Youthsafe not only focuses on the safety of young people on the roads, but endeavours to incorporate road safety elements into many aspects of our work.

Youthsafe works collaboratively with Government, community groups and others to develop innovative road safety initiatives to address youth road safety.

Custom Solutions

A tailored approach to road safety, specific to your young people. We offer a range of services including:

  • Research and consultation – To identify key factors contributing to road safety risks. Can include focus groups, surveys, statistical analysis and other technology-based youth specific approaches.
  • Program planning - Incorporating current road safety research and local road safety needs to create tailored, innovative road safety solutions.
  • Program delivery – a range of options based on budget and project scope. Can include: facilitated workshops, resources, peer-to-peer delivery options, technology-based programs and curriculum-based education programs with supporting activities.
  • Evaluation – to ensure to continued relevance and sustainability. Evaluation strategies include: surveys, consultations, statistical analysis, pre- and post-program analysis.
  • Advisory services –one-off or short-term advice regarding your existing or upcoming road safety programs. We can assist with grant applications, provide feedback on project plans or evaluations, advise on youth appropriate consultation methods and participate in advisory groups or steering committees.


Ready-made solutions

Youthsafe delivers a number of sessions addressing youth-specific road safety issues in a variety of school and community settings. Please click here for more information.

For information on our products addressing road safety click here.


To take a look at some case studies of previous Youthsafe initiatives, please click here.

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