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We all want young people to live happy, fulfilled and exciting lives free from serious injury. Unfortunately young people, particularly those in the 15 to 25 year age group, are at great risk of being hurt or of dying as a result of unintentional injury.

Youthsafe addresses youth injury on the road, at work, while playing sport and when out socialising with friends.




Book Youthsafe to run sessions for young people on Road Safety, Workplace Safety, Safer Celebrating or Everyday Risk.

Fact sheets for parents can be attached to school newsletters, distributed at parent-teacher nights or orientation meetings.

Use our postcards for young people as a lesson stimulus or to reinforce messages from any Youthsafe sessions you book.

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Book Youthsafe to run sessions for managers and supervisors of young workers to help them understand young workers and how to apply this knowledge to improve safety.

Youthsafe can help you with interactive and engaging sessions for new young workers or apprentices / trainees on Communicating Effectively, Risk Taking or Stress, among others.

Youthsafe fact sheets could be distributed to young workers' families to help parents understand young people's safety risks and how to support them at home.

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Comm prof

Youthsafe can speak at community events on adolescent brain development and injury risk as well as communicating effectively with young people.

We run workshops on consulting effectively with young people or developing strategies to address alcohol related issues in your community. Our guides help you run safe youth events, Safe Alternative Transport or Learner Driver Mentor Programs.

Parent fact sheets or postcards for young people can be used at community events or presentation evenings.


Our services for Community Professionals

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Speak to us about SafeClub, a risk management workshop designed specifically for administrators, officials and representatives of community sports clubs. SafeClub makes safety easy in community sports.

Order our fact sheets to distribute to parents of young players to help them understand injury risks – on and off the field or court.

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