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Youthsafe started out in 1982 as the 'Awareness and Prevention Program'

The program came about because of the passionate commitment of Associate Professor John Yeo, a well known spinal cord injury specialist. The program was a leader in its field when first established and maintained popularity for over 16 years with wheelchair presenters visiting NSW schools using their own stories to illustrate messages about spinal cord injury and its prevention.

Demands for a broader youth injury prevention role brought about a substantial change in direction and ultimately led to the establishment of the Youthsafe program in 2000. Also new research findings in 2000 resulted in considerable revamping of the schools based presenter program which complemented the range of youth injury prevention strategies being taken up by Youthsafe.


Today, Youthsafe addresses youth safety across the range of settings where young people are at risk of unintentional injury including on the roads, in the workplace, while playing sport and out socialising.


Youthsafe's role:

A leader in the field of youth safety
Youthsafe understands the key factors that contribute to injury risk in young people as well as the latest trends and developments in youth safety.

An Interpreter of research and best practice
Our team is experienced in working out how to tailor research and innovations to meet the needs of a wide variety of professional contexts. We help answer the question, "What does this all mean for me?".

A capacity builder
Our professional development sessions, educational activities, best practice guides and support services assist those working on the ground to implement practical and relevant safety initiatives.

All our work is underpinned by our core values:

  • The views, happiness and safety of young people;
  • The independence, professionalism and integrity of Youthsafe;
  • Evidence-based practice and partnerships in youth injury prevention; and
  • Shared respect and responsibility.


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